screw washer
screw washer

Screw Washer

helezon yıkayıcı


helis borusu


190-660 m³/h
Water Consumption


2 x 22 kW
Motor Power

The screw washer is produced to wash products with dimensions of 0-5 mm in fixed and mobile crushing and screening plants.

It gains mobility with two motors. It performs the washing process with the helix pipes rotating in opposite directions.

General Features of Screw Washers

  • Helical shafts driven by 2 x 22 kW motors provide optimum washing capacity.
  • The sand, which starts from the bottom and moves upwards thanks to the helix pipes, transfers the water used for washing in the opposite direction with the degree of inclination of the washer and subjects it to the preliminary dewatering process.
screw washer
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