secondary impact crusher
sekonder darbeli kırıcı

Secondary Impact Crusher

secondary ımpact cusher

Impact Crusher


Pendulum System


Ø 1400 x 2000 mm

700 mm
Maximum Feeding

DMK series secondary crushers are our secondary impact crushers, which are generally used after jaw crushers or turbo impact crushers, leading to the crushing of medium and high hardness materials.

Ease of maintenance and adjustment is one of the most important advantages of secondary impact crushers. Many features such as hydraulic body opening system, external adjustment of the crusher plates, easy pallet and lining replacement enable the secondary impact crushers to be used easily in construction site conditions.

General Features of Secondary Impact Crusher

  • High capacity
  • High reduction rate
  • Highly cubic and fine material production
  • Ease of maintenance thanks to the hydraulic adjustment system
  • Wear resistant lining plates
  • The parts exposed to wear are protected by hardfacing welding.
secondary impact crusher
secondary impact crusher
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