jaw crusher
jaw crusher

Bolted Type Jaw Crusher




760 mm
Maximum Feeding


110 kW

Jaw crushers are generally used to crush hard and abrasive materials with high silica content such as basalt and granite.

Our jaw crushers have high flywheel speed and safety plates of their pitmans. In addition, the high performance, reliability and durability brought by the special geometries of the pitmans with the rear blocks are the most prominent features. User-friendly adjustment mechanisms provide users with unique operating advantages.

Bolted Type Jaw Crusher Parts

1-Fixed Body: Fixed body protected against abrasion and hard impacts

2-Pitman: The opening can be adjusted with the hydraulic system.

3-Linings:  Prevents the wear of the fixed body. It is fixed to the crusher body with bolts, thus providing ease of maintenance to great extent. It can be easily changed by a staff member.

4-Flywheels: Provides maximum capacity with high speed. Made of SFERO casting.

5-Eccentric Shaft Group: Eccnetic shaft group enables the pitman to move. Bearings are heat sensor protected.

6-Tensioner Assembly: It is the system tasked with changing the pitman opening. It can be easily operated by a personnel hydraulically

jaw crusher
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